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Experienced Bankruptcy Law Firm Helps Worcester Residents Resolve Debt

Knowledgeable counsel for Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and foreclosure defense in Massachusetts

If debt has you backed into a corner, declaring bankruptcy may offer you the way out you need. At Morrison & Associates, PC, we have represented thousands of bankruptcy clients in Massachusetts since 1996, and we recognize that most people find themselves in dire financial straits through no fault of their own. By guiding you through filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can help you deal with mounting credit card debt, medical bills, and other debt. Your filing also puts an end to harassing creditor phone calls, wage garnishment attempts, foreclosures, and debt collection letters. The moment you enlist our services, we move swiftly to protect your rights as a consumer and help you achieve a solid financial footing.

Accomplished bankruptcy firm delivers strong legal support

For more than 20 years, our firm has striven to help Massachusetts residents resolve their debt. We carefully assess your situation and determine whether bankruptcy is the best way to do that. Throughout Worcester, clients choose our firm because we:
  • Ease the financial burden — Our primary goal in taking your bankruptcy case is to make your life easier by lifting the burden of debt off your shoulders.
  • Provide detailed advice — Attorney Troy Morrison is also an accountant, and that background informs his skilled bankruptcy counsel. After reviewing your case, we provide you with detailed advice about your legal options and explain to you the pros and cons of each bankruptcy chapter.
  • Focus on getting results — As a results-oriented firm, we concentrate on finding ways to remove debt from our clients’ lives as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
Every bankruptcy case presents its own unique challenges. Navigating bankruptcy law without an attorney by your side can further aggravate an already stressful situation. Our firm offers a free initial consultation so you can discuss your case with an experienced lawyer and understand how the bankruptcy process works.
Areas of Practice

Trusted bankruptcy counsel for Massachusetts residents

We provide dedicated legal support to clients in Worcester in the following practice areas:
  • Bankruptcy — With over two decades of experience helping Massachusetts residents eliminate debt, we have the knowledge and skill to provide you with comprehensive bankruptcy guidance.
  • Chapter 7 — Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of bankruptcy law and can assist you in wiping the slate clean by filing Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 13 — We also have a great deal of experience helping clients reorganize debt and repay creditors through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Foreclosure defense — At our firm, we consider every possible option to help you build a strong foreclosure defense, including mortgage modifications, mortgage mediation, and lack-of-note defenses.
We understand what is at stake in your case, which is why we work tirelessly to help you and your family overcome debt and get a fresh start.

Contact a skilled bankruptcy attorney in Worcester

Morrison & Associates, PC is committed to providing Massachusetts residents with experienced support for bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. Please call 508-471-5963 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation at our Worcester, Springfield or South Easton office.
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