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Worcester Foreclosure Defense Attorney - (508) 928-3038

Serving Clients in Worcester & the Surrounding Areas

Are you facing the foreclosure of your home? Have financial hardships caused you to fall behind on your mortgage payments? Unfortunately, lenders have very little sympathy for the financial problems of their customers. They will take action to recover the property in an effort to maintain their profitability. This can be a very distressing prospect for you as a homeowner. Many people in this situation feel that nothing can be done to avoid foreclosure. This is not the case. Certain strategies can be applied that may save your home and/or your credit rating.

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To understand your options, it is important that you seek the services of a competent attorney who understands this field of law. As a Worcester foreclosure defense lawyer at Morrison & Associates, I can thoroughly review your potential foreclosure situation to determine what steps can be taken to avoid the repercussions of foreclosure or to avoid the loss of your home. We can work together to then do what is in your best interests regarding your situation.

Arrange to speak to me about your case. Call (508) 928-3038 or contact my office online as soon as possible if you have received a notice regarding foreclosure.

What Actions Can Be Taken to Defend Your Home Against Foreclosure?

Several actions can be initiated to avoid or forestall foreclosure and its repercussions on your credit. These actions will be based on your mortgage agreement, other relevant facts and circumstances, and your particular objectives.

Possible foreclosure defenses include:

  • A thorough review of your mortgage agreement for predatory lending
  • A review of your mortgage servicing for mistakes and deceptive practices
  • A loan modification
  • A short sale
  • Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 which results in automatic stay protection from the demands of creditors
  • A deed in lieu in which you transfer your interest in the property to the lender to satisfy the loan
  • A strategic default in which you stop making payments and mail the keys to the lender

As your Worcester foreclosure defense attorney, I will ensure that an exhaustive review of your situation occurs so you can make a rational decision on how best to proceed. A thorough plan can then be devised to achieve your goals, whether it is working with your lender for an extension, filing for bankruptcy to achieve an automatic stay, or challenging the foreclosure based on appropriate legal claims. Time is of the essence, however, in this matter so contact Morrison & Associates as soon as possible.

Obtain the legal advice you need by scheduling your consultation at (508) 928-3038 today.

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    Ruby Vincent

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  • “Troy is the most professional and knowledgeable attorney for any type of case,”


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